Soaking Up so Much Fun  

Posted on June 06, 2022 in: General News

Soaking Up so Much Fun  

The youngsters at Sacred Heart Villa are soaking up so much summer fun! These mild late spring days have been a blessing! The children have enjoyed the water play stations set up in our outdoor classroom space. It is so cute to see them dressed in their colorful swim attire walking down the sidewalk as they head out to Berra Park to play in the water geyser at the playground area. 

The week of June 6th is Zootopia Week. The children will be learning about and having activities dealing with all different kinds of animals. They will explore animals from the jungle, forest, under the sea, desert, and various birds. Our representative from the wild bird sanctuary in Eureka will be visiting the school on June 10th. We expect the children to see some birds that have been rescued. 

During Imagination Week, from June 13- 17th, the children will be encouraged to stretch their imaginations.  Books authored by Anoinette Portis will be used each day to encourage the children to be creative. Her books are simple yet thought provoking for young minds. It was hard to choose but we selected five of her award-winning books to be shared each day:   It’s Not a Box; Wait; It’s Not a Stick; Hey Water; A seed Grows. 

STEAM Adventures will be highlighted the week of June 20th. This week’s activities will include incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math. It will be interesting to see the activities and experiences that the children will have this last week of the month. On Friday, June 24th, JoJo the Clown will come for a visit to perform magic with storytelling. 

The week of June 27th we celebrate the Fourth of July all week long. Classes will make decorations, learn patriotic songs, and hear patriotic stories of our country. The week culminates with an all-school parade to the American Legion Hall at 9AM on Friday, July 1st.  

Spanish and piano classes also occur in the summer for students who sign up for these extracurricular activities.  

“In the Good Old Summertime” the children will be given plenty of opportunities to explore, create and stretch their abilities and grow while also having loads of fun.