Reggio Inspired Teaching

Reggio Inspired Teaching

What is Reggio Inspired Teaching?

The Reggio Emilia method of teaching began in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy and has spread worldwide. This education style is based on the core principal that each child should be respected, and his or her rights and interests should be recognized. The child is allowed the freedom to explore and learn in both the outdoor and indoor classroom environments.

At Sacred Heart Villa, the use of Reggio inspired philosophy will enhance our current curriculum, and fits well with our Catholic mission.

What are the Goals of the Reggio Inspired School?

The goal of Sacred Heart Villa as a Reggio inspired school is to nurture each child, instill a love for learning, and teach critical thinking while encouraging students to collaborate with and have respect for one another.

The success of the Reggio philosophy depends on the collaboration of child, parents, teachers, and the community.

The Role of the Child in the Reggio Inspired School

The child is the focus of attention in the educational process. The child is free to explore, learn, and develop by drawing, writing, explaining or discussing important ideas that he or she wishes to communicate. The child may get involved in long or short class projects that will require reading, math, science, art, and other skills. The child learns to cooperate with teachers and other classmates to complete the projects.

The Role of Parents in the Reggio Inspired School

The parents are recognized as the first teachers of their children, and they are important partners in the educational process. Parents are asked to take an active role by participating in meetings and volunteering to share their talents in some capacity. Many volunteer opportunities are made available throughout the school year.

The Role of the Teachers in the Reggio Inspired School

The teachers are facilitators who work with the children to channel and develop their natural curiosity. The teachers prepare the environment inside and outside with props that grab attention and cause the children to want to learn more. Class projects are started, and the children learn to research, write, create and record their findings. The teachers observe and document the progress of the children and are always aware of the many ways in which children process information and communicate.

The Role of the Community in the Reggio Inspired School

Sacred Heart Villa is proud to partner with the following groups to bring the best educational experiences to our children:
The Missouri Botanical Garden, The Litzsinger Road Ecology Center, The Hill Neighborhood Community, ACFEF Chef and Child Initiative, UMSL Extension Program, and Forest Park. We are grateful for their on-going support.

The Role of the Environment in the Reggio Inspired School

In the Reggio inspired school, the environment is a key component and is referred to as the third teacher. The environment is designed to be inviting, homey, beautiful, and intriguing. It includes different areas with different materials that offer the children opportunities to build, read, draw, work quietly, or engage in dramatic play.

What Children Learn in the Reggio Inspired School

Sacred Heart Villa will continue the current curriculum with emphasis on teaching letters and numbers, building fine and gross motor skills, and helping children grow in their use of language and comprehension. As a Catholic school, we are committed to nurturing our children spiritually through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, and through our prayer services throughout the year. As a Reggio inspired school, we also believe that all children have great value, and there are no limits placed on them other than what they, themselves, can imagine and create.

This is real learning for the 21st century.