Excitement Builds for Valentine's Day.

Posted on February 13, 2022 in: General News

Excitement Builds for Valentine's Day.

 Happy Heart Day!

The children of The Villa have been buzzing and gaining excitement for Valentine’s Day. The classes have been making adorable Valentine themed crafts and cards for their families. The teachers try to explain to the children that Valentine’s Day offers us the opportunity to express our love and gratitude to our families and friends for the love and kindness they have shared with them.  The children are thrilled to share their Valentines especially when they bring in cards and treats with their classmates on the 14th. Each class will have a party in the morning to celebrate this Happy Heart Day with their friends.

The past two weeks the teachers modeled expressing love in return for love as we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. (Due to the snow the week celebration stretched into another week.) The classes made cards of appreciation with hearts for businesses on The Hill that support our school, the Sisters at the Villa to thank them for their vocations, and staff members to show their appreciation for all they do for Sacred Heart Villa. We zoomed with three Sisters in Connecticut who once served at The Villa. The children asked them questions and enjoyed hearing their stories.

On old children’s song about the Sacred Heart goes: “Happy the heart that lives in the Heart, the Heart of the God of Love.”  Our children are definitely happy here at The Villa because they know they are loved by staff who share the Love of the Heart of Christ.  No wonder we are called “the little school with a BIG HEART!”