Remembering All Souls and Other News

Posted on October 23, 2020 in: General News

Remembering All Souls and Other News


As we approach All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, our thoughts often rise to think of our family members and friends who have passed. Each year at the Villa, we offer our families the opportunity to write the names of their deceased loved ones on a prepared sheet and return it to school. These pages are placed in a Remembrance Binder in the school chapel. This Wednesday the prepared sheet will be sent home in the folder. Please return this page by the following Wednesday, November 4th. Your deceased loved ones will be remembered in prayer by our Kindergarten class at our First Friday Mass on November 6th.

In the days preceding All Souls’ Day during Spanish class, Ms. Karen explains the significance of the Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos. In the Mexican culture. It is believed that the spirits of the dead return to visit the living. The Day of the Dead is a happy holiday to remember and appreciate friends and relatives who have passed on. In the school chapel, Ms. Karen has set up a special altar display called “la ofrenda.” PreK Spanish students are preparing a prayer service to celebrate Dia de los Muertos for November 2nd.

Request for prayers can now be submitted anytime through our school website. There is a new tab on top for “Prayer Request.” These intentions will be printed out weekly and placed by the chapel entrance. These intentions will be remembered by the Sisters in their daily prayers and by our Kindergarten class at our First Friday Masses.


Sacred Heart Villa received news on Friday that we are being recognized and awarded a Bronze Level Plaque and cash prize for our commitment to the “Healthy Ways to Grow Program” sponsored by the American Heart Association and Nemours Foundation. This recognition can happen only because of the time and effort that is being put in by the classroom teachers and the afternoon staff. Our daily lesson plans including health/nutrition, physical movement exercises, importance of water intake, and wise selection of screen time have helped us to receive this recognition. We especially thank Sr. Margaret Mary and Niko for their planning and dedication in the kitchen. Their efforts in creating a colorful healthy plate are enabling children to learn about foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for a Successful Virtual Trivia! Our Virtual Trivia profited $9,405.81! Special thanks go out to: our generous sponsors; the families and staff who played, purchased silent auctions items and contributed donations; and the many local businesses who contributed gift cards and items for the silent auction.

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