SHV Welcomes Families Back to School

Posted on August 09, 2020 in: General News

SHV Welcomes Families Back to School

Welcoming Families Back to the Villa for the Start of School

In the past, the Villa would kick off the school year with an ice cream social with the families the day before school started. This year we have to make new accommodations due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since parents and family members are not permitted into the building, the Villa has set up evening lawn meetings this week before school starts. At designated times, the lead teachers will be meeting with their students and one of their parents outside on the Villa’s lawn:

Monday, August 10th

v 6:30 pm Sr. Christine (PreK 2) front right lawn

v 6:30 pm Sr. Bridget & Patti Huelsman (Kindergarten) Pavilion area in the rear of school

v 6:45 pm Kristin Deutsch (PreK 1) front left lawn

v 7:30 pm Ashley Berry (Tiny Tots) front right lawn

Tuesday, August 11th

v 6:30 pm Troy Torrez & Anna Ruggeri (Tender Hearts) front right lawn

v 6:30 pm Ellen Cibulka (PreK 3) front left lawn

v 7:30 pm Mary Grace Ruggeri (Nursery 1) front right lawn

Wednesday, August 12th

v 6:30 pm Stacey Hulsey (Nursery 2) front right lawn

v 7:15 pm Annie Ertmann (Nursery 3) front left lawn

The meetings will give the parents and teachers a brief chance to greet each other before the start of school – while social distancing and wearing masks. The families are encouraged to drop off donated supplies and other items on the supply list at this meeting. Parents will also have the opportunity to sign up their children for Spanish lessons with Ms. Karen and to purchase Villa T-shirts with either an older school logo or the new Owl Always Love SHV design. The staff is looking so forward to seeing the children face to face!

In addition to these meetings, each teacher will prepare a short video tour of their classroom. The videos will be emailed by the teacher to the parents of the students in their classroom. This will give the families a sneak peek into the classrooms. The parents will notice a stark difference and how much more room is available in each classroom this year. Some furniture has been removed to allow for more space between centers and tables. In Kindergarten, the tables which seated two children were replaced with individual desks donated from a Catholic school that closed. Now the Kindergarten students will be able to sit six feet apart. The staff has worked very hard in making these changes to meet the guidelines established for COVID-19 restrictions for the safety and well-being of all the children. We are very grateful to our dedicated staff and administration for doing all they can to get the school ready for a new year and to help the families feel comfortable with the new adjustments in place.

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