Villa Art Show and Sale Was a Huge Success

Posted on May 01, 2018 in: General News

Villa Art Show and Sale Was a Huge Success

The Sacred Heart Villa Art Show and Sale was held on Friday, April 27th at Amighetti’s, in the art space room.  There were at least 80 families from the Villa that attended, along with other art lovers from the Hill neighborhood and beyond.  There were many smiles as everyone viewed the impressive artworks along with photographs of the children happily working on their creations.

 This year’s show featured a silent auction of works done on the theme of creation from the Book of Genesis.  The works were done as a collaboration by all the students in a class. There were also some works on the theme of fairies.   All of the silent auction pieces were sold.  Thanks to the generosity of the art patrons, the Villa will be able to purchase more expensive art materials for next school year.  It was a wonderful community event.

 The art show is an annual event sponsored by Dominic and Cathy Consolino, owners of Amighetti’s on the Hill.  Villa art teacher, Ruthann Larrigan, who was not able to attend the event due to recent knee surgery, works long hours to assemble all the works and hang the show in the art space room.  Ms. Ruthann offered some comments on the art work through a written note that was distributed at this year’s show.  A few of Ms. Ruthann’s thoughts are listed below:

 “The children worked very hard this year on “process art.”  Most of the pieces at the art show took a long time, with many steps and lots of drying time.  The children experimented with different textures, and incorporated unusual objects within their art.  They learned patience in making works of art.”

 “They stretched their minds with complex concepts and learned to think on large scales.  The older children were read passages from the Book of Genesis, and we all talked about the beginning of time.  They learned the concept of “nothingness” as they combed yarn into misty masses, or what the very first light may have looked like as they carefully glued sea glass on a surface.”

 “They also did more traditional art such as clay, textile and watercolor...  The kids are all in the process of learning how to treat art supplies and how to make clean works of art.”

 “It was a great year!...I am very proud of my art students, as well I should be.”

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