Soaking Up So Much Fun

Posted on July 07, 2024 in: General News

Soaking Up So Much Fun

The youngsters at Sacred Heart Villa are soaking up so much summer fun! The children have been enjoying the water place stations set up in our outdoor classroom space. They have also been seen dressed in their colorful swim attire walking down the sidewalk as they head to Berra Park to play in the water geyser in the playground area. We are gearing up for our last two and a half weeks of Summer Camp which will engage the children in several creative ways.

The week of July 8th will focus on STEAM. This week’s activities will include incorporating science, technology, engineering with gears, art and math. It will be interesting to see the activities and experiences that children and the teachers will create.

July 15 – 19th activities will be dedicated to Artistic Inspiration. Each day the children will be exposed to different artistic expressions: clay on Monday, painting on Tuesday, drawing on Wednesday, music on Thursday and use of nature on Friday. We will likely be seeing some wonderful, imaginative artwork this week.

Our last two days of camp, July 22-23, will bring the children to the excitement of the Summer Olympics – so to speak. Monday will introduce the children to the thrill of the Opening Ceremony. It will not be on par with the actual Paris fanfare, but it is sure to be to fun for the children. On Tuesday the children will be making Olympic themed crafts: the five Olympic rings, medals and torches.  What a way to finish Summer Camp!

Our Villa children will be given plenty of opportunities to explore, create and stretch their abilities and grow while having loads of fun during the last days of camp.