Nursery 1 Creates Still Life Art Work

Posted on May 11, 2020 in: General News

Nursery 1 Creates Still Life Art Work

Nursery 1 is Creating Still-Life Works of Art

Our Nursery 1 teacher, Ms. Maria, has always shared her love for art with her students. So much so, she calls her students a nick name based on her favorite artist: “Vinnie van Goghs.” Ms. Maria is fond of an animated series for children on YouTube, “Art with Mati and Dada.” During these weeks of distance learning, she assigned the children to watch an episode about Vincent van Gogh.  Mati and Dada discover how van Gogh was an excellent painter and learns about his famous paintings such as Cafe Terrace at Night and The Olive Trees. Ms. Maria instructed the children to try to recreate the artist's work. These instructions were given: Place a still life (flowers in a vase) on the table and guide your child to try to recreate it. Look at the colors and shapes and lines. The flowers might have circles in the middle, the vase might be shaped like a rectangle. Help your child to look at the still life in terms they are familiar with.  This Nursery 1 student followed the directions and created his own incredible masterpiece. 

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