National Catholic Schools Week
As you may know, Sacred Heart Villa will be celebrating National Catholic Schools Week January 28–February 3. We have many exciting events and activities planned to both celebrate and bring attention to the role our school plays in the community.

There are many reasons families—like you—choose to send your child to Catholic school. One of the reasons you may have chosen our school is that we set high standards for students' personal development and help them succeed. We are proud to offer high quality programs, such as The Superkids Reading Program, to make sure that our Kindergarten students learn the critical literacy skills they need to be successful.

During Catholic Schools Week, I encourage you to talk to your child about what we’re doing to celebrate the week and about what we’re reading in class. Through the stories we read about the Superkids characters, your child also learns gentle life lessons, such as sharing and fairness, called Lasting Lessons. Many of the Lasting Lessons reflect the Catholic values we strive to instill every day and celebrate this Catholic Schools Week!

UNIT 13 in THE SUPERKIDS will be completed this week.  This unit teaches the sound of short /u/ at the beginning of words and middle of words.  The Superkids will refer to themselves as "us" and the class learns the sound of /u/ and the meaning of true friendship and good teamwork. The sound of /u/ can be tricky for some children.  When sounding out and recalling the sound of /u/ refer your child to the word "us". The medial sound of /u/ will also be studied in words like "cup" and "jump".


Please practice these words listed below.  They are all words we are reading in class.  By now some of the earlier words are recognized and know automatically. 

Unit 13 Decodable: 

Unit 12 Decodable: had, hat, held, hid, hill, his, hit, hog, hot, hot dog, Hot Rod

Memory Word:  the

Unit 11 Decodable Words: Ed, egg, elf, fed, fell, felt, get, led, left, leg, less, let, self, sell, set, sled, Ted, tell, test

Not decodable Memory Words:

Unit 10 Decodable:
Alf, cliff, fad, fast, fat, fig, fill, fist, fit, flag, flat, floss, fog, gift, if, lift, loft, off, sift, soft, staff, stiff

Not decodable Memory Words:  I, Frits

Unit 9 Decodable: act, at, cast, cat, cost, cot, dot, got, it, last, list, lost, lots, sat, sit, slot, still, stilt, Tac, tag, Tic, tilt, Toc, toss, tot
Not decodable Memory Words:  Icky, a

Unit 8 Decodable: add, cod, cog, Dad, Doc, dog, odd, Cass, gas, sad, sag, sod

Not decodable Memory Words: Oswald, Golly, Alf, Sal

Unit 7 Decodable: clad, class, clog, doll, glad, glass, gloss, Lad, lag, Lass, log, loss, Sal, salad

Not decodable Memory Words: Lily

Unit 6 Decodable: did, dig, dill, gill, ill, is, lid, Sid, sill, slid

Not decodable Memory Words: Icky, a