Lesson Plan

UNIT 24 of THE SUPERKIDS will be completed this week.  This unit teachs the sound of Zz/z/ the beginning of words.   The sound of /z/ has the action of writing a z in the air.  When sounding out and recalling the sound of /z/ refer your child to the word "zigzag".


Please practice these words listed below.  They are all words we are reading in class.  By now some of the earlier words are recognized and know automatically. 
Unit 24 
Decodable:  buzz, fizz, fuzz, pretzels, quiz, zip

Memory Words:  of, I, no, Supernoodle, for, put, to, like, said, you, was

Unit 21 
Decodable:  quilt, quit, quack, quick, ask, ink, kit, kept, kick, kiss, kids, back, bank, basket, blanket, brick, bucket, clock, crack, cricket, desk, drink, duck, lock, mask, muck, pack, pick, pocket, rock, rocket, sack, sick, sickness, skip, skit, skunk, snack, sock, stick

Memory Words:  of, I, no, Supernoodle, for, put, to, like, said

Unit 20 Decodable:  swim, twig, twin, wag, web, wed, well, went, wept, west, wet, wig, will, wilt, win, wind, windmill

Memory Words:  to, of, I, no, Supernoodle, for, put

Unit 19 Decodable:  eleven, seven, van, vast, vat, velvet, vent, vest, vet, visit

Unit 18 Decodable:  bump, camp, cap, clap, clip, crisp, cup, damp, drip, drop, dump, flaps, flip, flop, gulp, gum, drop, happen, help, hiccups, hip, hop, lamp, lap, lip, lump, map, mop, nap, nip, pants, pass, past, pat, pen, pest, pet, picnic, pig, piglet, pig, pen, pill, plan, planet, plant, plastic, plum, pond, pop, pot, present, press, problem, puff, puppet, ramp, rip, sip, slap, slip, slop, snap, snip, spend, spill, spin, spot, stamp, stomp, stop, stump, tap, tip, top, trip, up, upset
Memory Words: put

Unit 17 
Decodable:  am, comic, glum, gum, ham, him, mad, mat, melt, men, mend, mess, miss, mitten, mud, muffin, must, smell

Unit 16 
Decodable:  an, and. Ant, band, bun, cabin, can, contest, dentist, end, fan, fantastic, fin, fun, grin, grunt, hand, hen, hunt, in, insect, land, lend, lent, nest, net, not, nut, on, ran, robin, run, sand, send, sent, snag, stand, sun, ten, tent, tunnel, until

Memory Words: no, Supernoodle

Unit 15 Decodable:  brat, crab, crust, drag, dress, drift, frog, grab, grass, rabbit, rag, red, rest, rid, rub, rug, rust, scrub

Memory Words: for

Unit 14 Decodable:  bad, bag, bat, bed, bell, belt, best, bet, big, bill, bit, blast, blob, boss, bud, bug, bus, but, club, cub, glob, sob, tub
Memory word:  of

Unit 13 Decodable: cuff, cut, dug, dull, dust, fluff, fuss, gull, Gus, gust, huff, hug, hut, lug, stuff, tug, us 

Unit 12 Decodable: had, hat, held, hid, hill, his, hit, hog, hot, hot dog, Hot Rod

Memory Word:  the

Unit 11 Decodable Words: Ed, egg, elf, fed, fell, felt, get, led, left, leg, less, let, self, sell, set, sled, Ted, tell, test

Not decodable Memory Words:

Unit 10 Decodable:
Alf, cliff, fad, fast, fat, fig, fill, fist, fit, flag, flat, floss, fog, gift, if, lift, loft, off, sift, soft, staff, stiff

Not decodable Memory Words:  I, Frits

Unit 9 Decodable: act, at, cast, cat, cost, cot, dot, got, it, last, list, lost, lots, sat, sit, slot, still, stilt, Tac, tag, Tic, tilt, Toc, toss, tot
Not decodable Memory Words:  Icky, a

Unit 8 Decodable: add, cod, cog, Dad, Doc, dog, odd, Cass, gas, sad, sag, sod

Not decodable Memory Words: Oswald, Golly, Alf, Sal

Unit 7 Decodable: clad, class, clog, doll, glad, glass, gloss, Lad, lag, Lass, log, loss, Sal, salad

Not decodable Memory Words: Lily

Unit 6 Decodable: did, dig, dill, gill, ill, is, lid, Sid, sill, slid

Not decodable Memory Words: Icky, a