Dining With Donors at Rigazzi's

Posted on June 10, 2021 in: General News

Dining With Donors at Rigazzi's

We will continue our Dining with Donors through the summer and next school year, too.  We have had a wonderful response from parents and friends of The Villa as well as the restaurant owners who really appreciate getting the extra flow of business.  We love helping our small local businesses who have helped the Villa in so many ways over the years. 

On Wednesday June 16th, you can order online for curbside pickup or dine in at Rigazzi’s for lunch or supper. Since 1957, Rigazzi’s has been serving up a “Taste of The Hill.” They will proudly tell you they are the oldest restaurant in The Hill neighborhood.  This locally owned restaurant was started by two friends who merged their two last names: Riganti and Aiazzi to form Rigazzi’s.  The Aiazzi family still owns this landmark establishment. Rigazzi’s pizza has been recognized nationally in Bon Appetit magazine.  This restaurant is often voted locally as “Best Italian” and “Best Toasted Ravioli.”  Their toasted ravioli is handmade daily! They even have family style dinners which generously feeds four. Everything is made fresh daily. Ordering online is easy through their website: https://www.rigazzis.com  There is a red bar at the top of the menu page for online ordering.  

This famous family-friendly eatery is located at 4945 Daggett, the corner of Daggett and Boardman on the east side of The Hill. The unique iconic sign on the corner of the building lets you know you are at “The Home of the Frozen Fishbowl.”  This is a signature 32-ounce frozen goblet that can accommodate any drink choice though it is most often filled with beer.   

Mark your calendars and give yourself a break from preparing supper by ordering dinner from Rigazzi’s, a St. Louis landmark. There is no need to mention Sacred Heart Villa when ordering. The Aiazzi’s family will be donating a portion of their sales on June 16th to Sacred Heart Villa. 

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