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SHV 80th Graduation is Historic

Posted on June 06, 2020 in: General News

SHV 80th Graduation is Historic

SHV 80th Graduation

On the warm evening of June 3rd under a canopy of gray clouds, we celebrated SHV's 80th Graduation on the front lawn while keeping social distancing. The parents spread out their own lawn chairs in the front yard of the Villa. Each child had a traditional red graduation cap placed on their heads by their parents. Without an opportunity to rehearse, the children wonderfully performed songs they had selected during a Zoom class meeting in May. We started with praying our daily Morning Offering and sang a hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Next, we all turned to the flag pole to say the pledge of allegiance. Then the children lead the singing of our National Anthem. What a picture that was! Neighbors of The Hill, people on their nightly stroll, and patrons headed to local restaurants stopped along the front fence and joined us!  Kris Doder congratulated the class and the families for their hard work and efforts to complete all their work from home the last ten weeks of school. One by one, the children’s names were called to pick up their diploma, a graduation wand and a rosary with the school's emblem from the decorated table. The twelve graduates were invited to stand and move their tassels to the left side as a sign of passage while the families and staff cheered. Then they proudly sang the SHV school song one last time. By this point, we saw some tears on parents’ faces! Afterwards we surprised the children with decorated Chocolate and Vanilla Drops from Missouri Baking Company. We are so proud of our newest graduates! This unique 80th Graduation will be long treasured and remembered by many of us.

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