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Maycrowning In the Midst of a Pandemic

Posted on May 03, 2020 in: General News

Maycrowning In the Midst of a Pandemic

It has been a long-standing tradition at Sacred Heart Villa to honor the Blessed Mother on the first Saturday of May.  For 79 years, our older students have participated in an outdoor May Crowning ceremony in which a decade of the rosary is prayed and the children were led in consecrating themselves to Mary. Over the years this ceremony has withstood the threat of rain, storms, muddy lawns, windy conditions, and so it had to be moved indoors a few times. This year’s 80th ceremony was threatened by the Coronavirus. Had we been in school these past seven weeks, the two PreK classes and the Kindergarten would have prepared for the May Crowning ceremony.  Sr. Bridget, our Kindergarten teacher, could not let this first Saturday of May pass without doing something with the children to honor the Blessed Mother. A Zoom prayer service was organized on the morning of May 2nd for the Kindergarten, PreK classes and staff. First, Sr. Bridget prayed a consecration to the Blessed Mother on behalf of the children. Then the Kindergarten students and some of the staff led a decade of the rosary.  This year’s virtual ceremony will go down in the history of the school as one for the records.

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