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Sacred Heart Villa Teachers Keep in Touch Through Distance Learning

Posted on March 28, 2020 in: General News

Sacred Heart Villa Teachers Keep in Touch Through Distance Learning

Our dedicated teachers have stepped up to the challenge of creating learning plans during this challenging time while Sacred Heart Villa is closed due to the Coronavirus.  Kindergarten and PreK parents came by school to pick up students’ books which had been packed up by their teachers. The teachers across all the classrooms have reached out to their students and parents through emailed lessons which give daily plans, and numerous videos through several platforms.  Many of the younger students’ teachers have connected to families via Class Facebook.  They have shared stories, songs, creative movement, and content for lessons.  Some teachers have used ClassDojo to post videos of lessons and stories that can be up to eight minutes long.  The Superkids Reading Program used by Kindergarten already had a parent portal.  The publishers of The Superkids updated this portal to meet the need for distance learning.  It now includes audio portions of the lessons and assessments which usually can only be accessed through the teacher portal.  Our families are grateful and appreciate all the teachers have done and will continue to do to keep connected to them.  Many parents have commented that it helps the children to see their teachers and know they are well.  Our teachers appreciate the photos and videos parents are sharing of their children engaged in learning and play.  We are grateful to our teachers who are working very hard to make the distance learning not seem too distant for these young learners.

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