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Park Playscape Signs Entering New Phase

Posted on December 16, 2019 in: General News

Park Playscape Signs Entering New Phase

The work on the signs for the new playscape at Forest Park has entered the next phase.   Ellie Stevens and Madison Beirne from Forest Park Forever came to Sacred Heart Villa with Andrew Wald from Interoboro Partners, the design company of the playscape.  Three shapes were chosen for the signs, and the students’ artwork will be cut out and pasted into collages to go on the signs.   The signs will illustrate the elements of nature and the activities children can do in that particular area of the playscape.  The children helped pick  the cutouts and made suggestions where to place them.   Andrew will be scanning the artworks and sizing them to create the final sign designs.   Ms  Ruthanne,  Ms  Stacy,  Ms Ellen and Sr. Bridget facilitated with the collaborative project.  The Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten classes are participating in the sign design.

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