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SHV Designs Playscape Signs

Posted on November 14, 2019 in: General News

SHV Designs Playscape Signs

Sacred Heart Villa has entered the second phase of the Forest Park Forever Playscape project.  In early October, as one of 4 schools selected to participate, the children of Sacred Heart Villa spent a day experiencing the trail and creek area of the park.  The children in grades Nursery 2, PreK 1 and 2, and Kindergarten have been designing signs based on that experience.  On Wednesday, November 13, Madison Beirne, of Forest Park Forever Education Department, visited the Villa art room and worked with the children, art teacher, Ruthann Larrigan, and teachers from the individual grades to start putting the signs together.  The Playscape project is divided into four parts, with the Villa being assigned the Bottom Land Forest area.  There will be four signs designed by the children as a group.  The signs will feature  collages of all their drawings, and all children from participating grades will have their names and handprints on the back of the signs.  The signs will show playing in mud, nature’s treasures, water and plants, and a cautionary bee sting warning.  The Playscape is a new concept in playground equipment, featuring natural areas of rock, water, trails, and open spaces in place of the traditional slides and jungle gyms.  It is planned as a beautiful area where children and adults can experience nature, exercise, and enjoy time in the outdoors.  The Playscape is located in the park, across from the zoo, and is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020.

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