Villa Pageant Goes On!

Posted on December 14, 2020 in: General News

Villa Pageant Goes On!

SHV Annual Christmas Play – The Show MUST GO ON! 

Even though we have so many restrictions, Sr. Bridget and Ms. Kris felt the annual Christmas show MUST GO ON! It has been a long, long standing tradition at The Villa for the Kindergarten and PreK classes to work together to perform a Christmas pageant. Over the years, songs and parts of the performance were adjusted to meet the number of students participating or to change up the theme. However, the pageant basically remained the same. If you run into a graduate from the Villa from the past 25 years they would probably tell you what part they played in the show. “I was the first purple Advent candle.” “I was John the Baptist.” “I was the angel who spoke to the shepherds.”  

But this year, the play had to change considerably. In order to keep the children safe from spreading COVID, it was decided that only the ten children in Kindergarten would perform. Sr. Bridget reworked the words from a few children’s books and a children’s play about the first Christmas. The new play rhymes and has some traditional Christmas songs along with a few new ones. We have two singing lambs that bid us to “listen, listen to the story of the Holy Child sent to us down from heaven’s glory.”  The kindergarten class has worked very hard for two months. They look forward to dressing up in the school’s costumes to play their parts. We will video the performance and then prepare it to be sent out as a YouTube video the first week of January through ClassDojo. We look forward to sharing this with all the families in the school.  

Jumping Good News about the Popular Popcorn Sale! 

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who purchased popcorn from our sale. A long with many of our school families who ordered, we even had people outside of school who saw it on Facebook or our website order. We profited $1,597.00 from the sale – 50% of the total sale. That’s a lot of popcorn! 

Pavers for the Grotto 

Do you have a special person you wish to honor or remember? Red bricks for the circle area in front of the grotto may be purchased for $50 through our school website under the donation tab. This is a great way to mark a special event in a person’s life or to give as a gift for the person who has everything, and you don’t know what to get him. 

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