Virtual Trivia Night Q and A

Posted on October 02, 2020 in: General News

Virtual Trivia Night Q and A

Some Q and A about Virtual Trivia Night

October 17th, our Virtual Trivia Night is fast approaching! You decide if you want to gather with friends and loved ones, or stay apart in your own homes. You will connect with them through a breakout room on Zoom just like you would be sitting around a table arguing over (oh, discussing) what is the correct answer. Utopia Entertainment, a local production company, will send you a Zoom link to this “meeting.” Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: Will this Zoom meeting have all the squares with people’s faces in them like when we Zoom for work or a meeting? A: This will be like no other Zoom you have ever seen before! Our lively host/DJ will be entertaining us with music, pictures of our children, sponsor ads, and sharing the screen with the questions and multiple-choice answers.

Q: How do we answer the questions? A: Only one person per team can enter your team’s answers. The team captain will need to log into Kahoot on a separate device. Kahoot is a website typically used by teachers that has user-generated multiple-choice “quizzes” or in this instance, Trivia questions we have loaded. Kahoot is accessed by going to, or open a Kahoot mobile app. Next, you will tap the ““Enter PIN” button. You will see a field that requires a “game PIN”. A game PIN is a temporary, unique code that identifies which game you want to join. You will be given instructions about this prior to the event and this game pin at the beginning of the Zoom after 6:30pm.

Q: Will there be 100 questions like regular Trivia Night? A: For heaven’s sake (and your sake), NO! We will only have 50 questions. There will be 10 thematic rounds with 5 questions each. Using the breakout rooms takes time so we cut the number of questions down. (But this doesn’t mean we are cutting out the FUN you will still have!)

Q: How will we know who is winning? Will the winning team get a prize? A: After each round when the points are awarded, the host will share the team scores on the screen. The winning team will get a prize. (It’s a surprise!)

Q: When will we get our snacks and what will we be given? A: You will be able to sign up to pick up your snacks and beverages in the afternoon on either Thursday or Friday, October 15 & 16th. The team captain or a designated person will pick up the prepared bags by going through the alley on the south side of school. You will be treated to these tasty items: Schnuck’s is providing salty and sweet snacks, soda and sports water. Urban

Chestnut and AB products will be included, and plastic cups with SHV logo donated by “Put a Logo on It.”

Q: Will it be a fun night? A: Of course! IT will be fun just like any Trivia Night. It will be even better than previous years because you will not be sitting on those hard, folding chairs hunched over in a huddle whispering your answers wondering if some other team is eavesdropping. You will be in the comfort of your home in your favorite chair (and in your PJs if you want)!


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