Children have the opportunity to take Dance which is offered on Monday and Thursday each week with Tippi Toes Dance St. Louis.  


Private 20 minute lessons are offered to the Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students each week.  Beginning piano books are used so that children may begin to read music, identify music notation, and eventually play music from their books. Piano is offered early in the morning or in the afternoons.  The instructor is very flexible with scheduling.


Because foreign language provides academic and cognitive advantages we offer a co-curricular pre-primary Spanish program.  Given that children as young as 2 demonstrate a remarkable ability to absorb and reproduce a second language naturally, parents may choose to enroll their child at the Tiny Tot level, after the child has adjusted to the new environment and routines.  Two basic tenets provide the infrastructure of the Spanish program: 1) all children can be successful language students and 2) learning must be fun. The curriculum follows a natural development and capitalizes on student interests.  Songs, puppets, short videos, manipulatives, pictures and story time are core elements.  Learning activtiies rely on imagination, movement, listening and replication. From day 1 students begin incorporating Spanish via greetings, colors, and phrases into their daily life.