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Tiny Tots

 The Tiny Tot program is an inquiry-based curriculum where children can explore, discover, create, play, and learn.  Children learn best through daily play experiences which can be spontaneous and creative.  A teacher may set-up a prepared environment with interesting materials for the child to examine and explore.

Sacred Heart Villa uses Creative Curriculum and in the Tiny Tot level the following four areas of development will be addressed:

1. Social/Emotional

2. Physical Development

3. Cognitive Development

4. Language Development

The Tiny Tot staff builds a relationship with the child by learning about the child's interests, needs, and strengths.  Another key component of the Creative Curriculum is the teacher-parent relationship. It is our goal to be able to communicate to parents about our program and how we encourage growth and development.  Daily observation, documenting growth, and individualizing lesson plans as needed will be the approach that is regularly taken.  Using ongoing assessment to decide how to respond to each child and to plan appropriate experiences enables us to care for and teach children well.

The children need to be at least 2 years old to be in this program.  Part of this program will be about "potty learning" and "potty training".  The children will be taken on a regular basis to the bathroom many times throughout the day.  

If interested in this program, it is strongly encouraged to pre-register your child for the Tiny Tot program.



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