• The Director e-mails a weekly memo
  • Additional notices and reminders are posted on the school door and the bulletin board near the front entrance
  • There is a file folder for every family located outside the school office—parents are asked to check the folder daily, take the information, and leave the folder in the file box
  • Telephone calls for emergencies
  • Conferences with teachers and parents
  • Incident/Accident reports—parents sign and receive a copy
  • Each child has a classroom folder. The teacher places it on the childs locker or with the family folder every Friday. Parents are asked to return the folder on Monday
  • Telephone calls, when necessary
  • Brief meetings—at a time when the teachers are not supervising students
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • At the request of a teacher or parent, private conferences can be scheduled at any time during the year
  • Teacher e-mail parents, send photos, and memos